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Special Needs at Priory Prep Special Needs at Priory Prep Special Needs at Priory Prep Special Needs at Priory Prep Special Needs at Priory Prep

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) is known as ‘Helping Hands’ in the Pre-Preparatory Department and ‘Learning Support’ in the Preparatory Department. Each department has its own Co-ordinator who is responsible for the boys’ learning programme and contact with home.

We firmly believe in the importance of identifying at an early stage those children who may need extra help to achieve their full potential. This may be due to problems such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia, or to physical conditions that hinder fine motor skills. The key to success here is teamwork, both with parents and with professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists and specialist learning support teachers. A number of our boys receive weekly one to one lessons at school with a specially qualified learning support teacher, who identifies targets and strategies for each boy, according to his specific needs and learning style. Helping Hands and Learning Support at Priory Preparatory School is considered by staff, parents and boys to be a positive, beneficial and indeed enjoyable, step towards future success in learning. Boys who have Learning difficulties can achieve as much as their peers and it is not a stigma to be having Learning Support lessons.

Boys are taken on a one to one lesson and are seen either once or twice a week depending on their needs. A strong bond of trust begins to be formed between the teacher and the student, which can help him to overcome his problems. These lessons are chargeable and parents are invoiced  by the School.

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