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Languages at Priory Prep School

(French, German, Latin, EFL)

French is taught from Year 3 onwards. Boys receive one lesson per week in Years 3 and 4 as a ‘taster’ before progressing to more frequent weekly lessons through Years 5 to 8. Great emphasis is placed on spoken French, with early fluency a prime objective.

French is taught as a modern foreign language in its own right, and also as a gateway to further language experiences, both academic and social. Priory Preparatory School has partner Schools in France, Germany and Russia. Boys visit France each year in Years 6, 7 and 8 on day-trips or overnight stays in Calais (to the Collège Jeanne d’Arc) for Music and Sporting events, and spend a residential week in Germany in Year 7, where they stay in a Youth Hostel close to our German Partner School, the Windthorst Gymnasium, in Meppen. There they join German girls and boys in their French lessons, to practise their new language together as well as getting a wider feel of Europe. There is also an after-school German club for boys interested in learning this language.

French is also the medium for correspondence between Priory Preparatory School and our Russian Partner School, Gymnasium Number 2 in Yaroslavl, just North of Moscow: work prepared in French, accompanied by pictures, is exchanged by e-mail, an activity which provides a beneficial mix of French, Technology and international awareness. Thus Priory Preparatory School boys see that knowledge of French enables associations not only with French people, but also with any people who have learnt French, anywhere in the world.

The learning of French is regarded as the first practice that boys have in learning any foreign language, so that hopefully boys will be encouraged to learn other languages later and draw on their early experience. The work done in French lessons is supported by a study of Latin, starting in Year 6 and followed through to Year 8. This subject provides opportunities for closer examination of grammatical structure, so important in the learning of foreign languages. The study of Latin consolidates boys’ knowledge of English grammar and word derivations, enhancing their English vocabulary in the process. The Classics syllabus embraces Greek Mythology, whose stories inspire an increased enjoyment of reading.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is also taught at Priory Preparatory School. A visiting teacher will take boys (and parents, if required) on a structured course to help integrate the boys into school and the English way of life. Boys receive a personalised method of teaching which quickly enables them to take part in the life of the school, make friends and understand a different culture.

Should you wish your son to have English as a Foreign Language lesson and they are a pupil of the school, please contact the School Office on 01737 366920.

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